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C4 Radiometric Instruments in the INDOEX Intensive Field Phase

First Field Phase (February 1998 -> )

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    • Chemistry & Trace Gases
      • Continuous monitor, 10 minute averages of atmospheric surface carbon monoxide mixing ratio; CO analyzer, Lobert (C4), 09 Feb 98
      • 40 minute, instantaneous, atmospheric mixing ratios for CFCs, other chlorinated gases, nitrous oxide (N2O), and sulfur hexafluoride (SF6); Gas Chromatograph, Lobert (C4), 20 Feb 98
      • 10 second averages of atmospheric surface ozone mixing ratio; Ozone Analyzer, R. Dickenson (University of Maryland), 15 Feb 98
      • Weekly whole air flask pair sampling for analysis of CO2, CO, CH4, SF6, N2O, Oxygen isotopes; Flask Sampler, P. tans (NOAA/CMDL/Carbon Cycle Group), 28 Feb 98
    • Aerosols
      • Continuous scattering coefficient, continuous particle/soot absorption, once daily sample from three-stage, high volume impactor; Aerosol instruments, J. Prospero (University of Miami), 16 Feb 98
    • Radiation
      • 10 second averages of direct diffuse and total solar irradiation; Broad and Narrowband radiometric sensors two 5-channel BSI GTR-511 sensors (one mounted on sun tracker), Ramanathan (C4), 11 Feb 98
      • 20 second instantaneous data of direct, diffuse and total irradiation for 7 UV, visible and near-IR channels; MFRSR, Ramanathan (C4), 18 Feb 98
      • Four times per hour to bi-hourly zenithal and almuncantar scans of direct and diffuse radiation for 8 UV, visible and near-IR channels; CIMEL sun photometer, Holben (NASA/GSFC), 20 Feb 98
    • Meteorological Parameters
      • 10 second averages of wind speed and direction, dry air temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and rain amount; Meteorological sensors, Lobert (C4), 11 Feb 98
      • Twice daily rain samples (as appropriate); Rain Sampler, Granat (University of Stockholm), 10 Feb 98
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