INDOEX Data and Platforms

Data Protocol
One of the main objectives of INDOEX is to provide resulting data for scientific purposes to the public at no charge.
INDOEX Data Management
Links to INDOEX data sets.
INDOEX Data Collected by Event (1995-1999)
A list of links to the data collected by each INDOEX Event.
Information about INDOEX Data Collected by Platform
A list of links to information about each INDOEX Platform.
INDOEX Data Questionnaire
All INDOEX participants are asked to fill out the INDOEX Data Questionnaire. The results of this questionnaire will be used to support INDOEX data management and distribution efforts.
C I D S - C4 Integrated Data System
C4 provides an on-line computer system to access INDOEX data, which can be obtained via an advanced WWW interface.

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