Participants, Instruments and Experiments
ORV Sagar Kanya, Cruise #133
February 17 - March 30, 1998

Germany, Forschungszentrum Juelich

Dr. D. Kley
Ozone and Water-Vapor Sondes

Sweden, University of Stockholm
Dr. L. Granat
W.O. Collector, precipitation chemistry of major and trace components 5-stage Berner Impactor, aerosol chemistry

France, Centre des Faibles Radioactitités
H. Cachier
Gaseous chemistry sampler for air tracers

Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate, SIO/UCSD
Prof. V. Ram Ramanathan, Dr. Jens Meywerk, Dr. Dan Lubin and Bill Conant
BSI GUV 531, ASD field spectroradiometer, weather station instruments, Microtops Photometer with GPS 38 personal navigator, digital all-sky camera, PSP pyranometer (clear), PSP pyranometer (780 filtered), and nephelometer/PSAP instruments.

University of California, San Diego
Prof. Mark Thiemens and Charles Lee
High volume air sampler.

University of California, Irvine
Prof. Sherwood Rowland and Dr. D. Blake
Trace gas sampling canisters.

University of Alaska
Prof. Glenn Shaw and Will Cantrell
CCN spectrometer.

Florida State University
Prof. TN. Krishnamurti and Dr. B. Jha
FSU Model: Rain Forecasts and Forward Trajectories

University of Miami
Prof. Joe Prospero, Dr H. Maring and Dr D. Savoie
Aerosol impactor.

National Center for Atmospheric Research
Dr. A. Heymsfield and Prof V. Ramanathan
SABL and microwave radiometer and ISS system.
North Carolina State University

National Institute of Oceanography, Goa
Dr. M. T. Babu, Mr. V. Ramesh Babu, Dr. N. Bahulayan, Dr. M. D. George, Dr. L. V. G. Rao, Mr. M. S. S. Sharma, Mr. D. M. Shenoy, Dr. S. W. A. Naqvi
CTD, XBY/XCTD, VM-ADCP, weather station, analysis of water samples for carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, DMS, dissolved oxygen and nutrients.

National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi
Mr. Prabhat Gupta, Dr. Umesh Kulshrestha, Mr. Tuhin Mandal, Dr. K. S. Zalpuri
NOx, CO, high volume sampler, rain water sampling, greenhouse gases.

India Meteorological Department
Mr. D. G. Russel, Mr. K. Shaikkoya; Contacts: R. C. Bhatia, Dr. S. K. Srivastava
Radio sondes, ozone sondes, surface meteorological observations.

Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad
Dr. A. Jayaraman, Dr. Manish Naja
Surface ozone, NOx, SF6, CO, greenhouse gases, QCM, pyrheliometer, hand-held photometer.

Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, Pune
Mr. P. Murugavel; Contact: Dr. A. K. Kamra
Electrical aerosol analyzer and electrical conductivity.

Space Physics Laboratory, Trivandrum; Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore
Contacts: Dr. K. K. Krishnamoorty and Dr. Prabha (aerosols)
Dr. A. Prabhu (IISc) and Dr. K. Sengupta (SPL) (boundary layer)
Multiwavelength radiometer, hand-held photometer and high volume sampler.

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