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January 3, 1998

Work continues with preparations on the various INDOEX platforms for the IFP measurements. The observatory at Kaashidhoo has undergone several changes to enhance the facilities for the additional investigators that will start to arrive in January. Both the Indian research ship Sagar Kanya and the US NOAA research vessel Ron Brown will board INDOEX investigators and their equipment in January. The C130 has flown 2 test flights with part of the INDOEX payload and will continue to add instruments to the payload after the holidays. There will be further test flights during January 1999. The INDOEX team Citation website has been updated, especially with respect to "aircraft instrumentation", "payload schemes", and "ferry flight plan from A'dam - Male'". The information is located at the following address:

All INDOEX participants shipping material to the Maldives should review the bulletin on shipping at the following web site: There are important changes in addressing shipments to the Maldives and in preparing packing lists. Also note the section on Labeling and the information on hand carried items.

Three new INDOEX Logistic Bulletins are now available at
(1) Health/Medical Insurance, Medical Evacuation Insurance and Workers' Compensation Insurance Information;
(2) Operations Center Staff Information; and
(3) Personal Information Form.
It is extremely important that you read and understand the information contained in the Health/Medical Insurance . . . Bulletin. Also, please pay particular attention to the Personal Information Form Bulletin which requests that you provide certain information to JOSS to be used in case of an emergency while in the field. (This information can be provided over the internet.)

A reminder that the C-130 will not transport hazardous chemicals or gases on the ferry flights to the Maldives. Arrangement for shipping of these should be made through the INDOEX Project Office. Only chemicals used in flight for the purpose of the experiment can be carried on board and these should be limited to the minimal amount necessary. For the test flights, ferry flights, and project flights in the Maldives the RAF will need MSDS information for ALL chemicals, gases, and radioactive sources used on board the aircraft. We need these no later than 5 January, 1999. The C-130 pilot in command and the UCAR Safety Officer have final say as to what hazardous materials can be carried on-board the aircraft and what constitutes proper containment. Hazardous materials include ethanol, butanol, benzene, hexane, chlorine, NO, NO2, CO, CO2, H2S, SO2, acetone, to name a few. (An MSDS is a Material Safety Data Sheet used in the U.S. to give information about hazardous materials.) Notification of materials and MSDS should be sent to Dick Friesen at the Research Aviation Facility, Jefferson County Airport, 10802 Airport Court, Broomfield, Co., 80021, or FAX to 303-497-1092.

Wishing all of you a very happy new year!

Bruce Gandrud; NCAR/ATD, Boulder, CO, 80304, USA
telephone: (303)497-1038
fax: (303)497-1092

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