1998 INDOEX Cruise Meeting, June 23, 1997
Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate
Attendees: V. Ramanathan, UC. Mohanty, S. Raman, D. Lubin, B. Jha, C. Lee,
J. Meywerk, W. Conant, T. Rahn, J. Lobert, H. Nguyen and J. des Rosiers.

Instruments / Measurements

Ramanathan, Conant, Lubin, Meywerk (C4-SIO)
Shortwave Flux Radiometer (350nm-1100nm)
BSI radiometer
2  pyrenometers (total solar, and near IR)
digital camera, whole sky
surface meteorological package

Thiemens and Lee (UCSD-Chemistry)
Sulfate aerosol isotopic measurments

Dickerson (U Maryland, College Park)
Surface CO and Ozone

Kley (Forschungszentrum, Jülich)
Ozone + Vaisala sondes

J. Prospero (UMiami)
surface aerosol impactor

S. Raman (N. Carolina State)
surface wind, mean T, mean directions

NCAR (PIs:  Heymsfield, Raman, Ramanathan)
ISS (If ISS unavailable, will launch Vaisala sondes thru D. Kley¹s system)
CLASS (to be shipped to Goa, S. Raman will take care of installation and operations)
SABL (to be shipped to Male, operated there for 3 days, then loaded onto the ship)

S. Rowland (UC Irvine)
Canisters (north-south gradients in organic compounds (gas phase))

G. Shaw and W. Cantrell (U of Alaska)
CCN Spectrometer

M. Wahlen  (SIO) (?)
Chloride isotops, canisters, aerosol size distribution

Antony Clarke (U of Hawaii) (?)
aerosol single scattering properties and/or size seggregated aerosol composition.
Proposed cruise of ORV Sagar Kanya
Cruise Track:
Cruise speed 10 knots or 18 km/hr, or 6 hrs / deg or 4 deg./ day

To be finalized at the INDOEX September 8-11 Meeting in La Jolla.

Personnel List

 S. Raman, chief US scientist for the cruise, will oversee the overall coordination and 
liason with Indian host institutions and personnel.

 Team Members who will participate onboard the ship, for the 9 available slots:

Slot 1:  W. Cantrell (U of Alaska)
Slot 2:  D. Lubin / W. Conant (C4-SIO)
Slot 3:  J. Meywerk (C4-SIO)
Slot 4:  Karen Caspiatti, student of Wahlen group (SIO) (*)
Slot 5:  NCAR Technician for the SABL
Slot 6:  V. Parameswara (NCS student)
Slot 7:  V. Manganani (NCS Student)
Slot 8:  Ogren or Clarke¹s personnel
Slot 9:  Ramanathan / S. Raman (co leaders)
(*) to be confirmed by M. Wahlen, per T. Rahn¹s 6/24/97 voice mail  message to H. Nguyen.

 V. Ramanathan will be US Team leader / coordinator onboard the ship from Malé to Port 
Luis (from Feb 12 - Mar 6).  Sethu Raman will relieve Ramanathan in Port Luis for the 
cruise back to Malé-Goa (from Mar 7 - Mar 31).

 J. Meywerk (Spectroradiometric / others):  will participate onboard for the whoruise.lll

 D. Lubin (Lidar / radiometric): will get onboard in Malé (3/9) for the cruise to Port Luis.

 W. Conant (Lidar /  radiometric):  will arrive in Malé on 2/14, work for 2 weeks with J. 
Lobert on surface site radiometric instruments.  Will leave Malé on 3/3 arriving in Port Luis 
on3/5 to relieve Lubin for the cruise back to Malé-Goa

 H. Nguyen will be the in-situ project administrator for the US Team in Goa until the ship 

 J. Lobert arrive in Malé on 1/15, then leave on 2/18.  Caretaking of surface site will be 
turned over to local technician(s).

  S. Raman and students will travel to Goa to oversee the loading and installation of all 
sounding equipment.


1.  Ramanathan in his upcoming trip to Indian to identify an Indian engineer / technician to 
launch Kley¹s sondes; and

2.  Ramanathan to request K. Zalpuri to operate Dickerson¹s CO and Ozone instruments 
and Prospero¹s aerosol impactor.

3.  Ramanathan to invite J. Ogren or A. Clarke to participate.

4.  Lubin to contact S. Rowland.

5.  H. Nguyen and J. Lobert in their upcoming site selection expedition in Maldives to 
identify local technician who will care for instruments at the Malé site.  If not, then 
Ramanathan will identify personnel, most likely, from India.

6.  As soon as possible, all shipboard participants (except Indian nationals who are not US 
citizens) to submit to INDOEX Project Office (H. Nguyen):

- Name as appears on US Passport
- US Passport #, Location and Date Issued
- Indian Visa #, Location and Date Issued

H. Nguyen to foward the above to LVG. Rao and K.S. Zalpuri for Indian goverment 

7.  All SIO and UCSD instrument PI¹s to submit to INDOEX Project Office (H. Nguyen / 
J. des Rosiers) their instrument descriptions, declared values, dimensions of containers, 
and weights.

8.  S. Raman to send workstatement and budget for his participation, to INDOEX Project 
Office for eventual submission to NSF.

9.  K. Zalpuri to check inventory of filters of Prospero¹s aerosol impacter to ensure 
sufficient number to be available for the cruise, then report this back to Prospero and H. 

10.  Jha to convey the group's request to Krishnamurti that the FSU model analysis be 
done for the INDOEX domain during the period of Jan 15 - April 7, 1998.

11.  Contigency Plans:
ISS (If ISS unavailable, will launch Vaisala sondes thru D. Kley¹s system)
CLASS (to be shipped to Goa, S. Raman will take care of installation and operations)
SABL (to be shipped to Male, operated there for 3 days, then loaded onto the ship)

12.  Ramanathan to ask Mitra regarding the establishment of an operations center in India.