Aerosol direct effect

(chairs Clarke/Heintzenberg)

Email message from Prof. Antony Clarke:

"Dear Colleagues

I about a week I leave for Prague and then to Utrecht. I will arrive late on the first day just in time to summarize the C-130 effort. I need you help in advising me of the status of your data for the C-130 briefing update.

I have 4 requests - Please respond this week before Aug 29.

1. Please email a very brief (suitable for table synopsis) the following info:

Instrument(s)/Parameter(s) measured(s)?
Number or frequency of measurements?
Number of flights operational?
Estimate % of time your data are GOOD?
Key successfull observations?
Surprises/New Findings?
Data Analysis status (not started, 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, Done)

2) Please reconfirm your intention for a contribution(s) at Utrecht, presentation or poster and summarize it in 100 words or less.

3) If you are indicated as a presenter below based upon your earlier input - please confirm that you will be able to do so. NOTE: I have not had my suggested presentation scheme confirmed by organizing committee at this point however I suggest preparing for a 10-15 min talk.

4) Since I will arrive late to the first day meeting it would be helpfull if you have a figure or so for an overview presentation. If you have one that you can send or make available in electronic form now - please do so. If not, please try and get it to me at the meeting as soon as you can and I will try incorporate it. Please have it as clear and self explanatory as possible.

Thank you for your prompt help and see you in Utrecht!

Antony Clarke wrote:
AEROSOL DIRECT EFFECT Session (Clarke/Heintzenberg)

[C-130] Focus

Antony Clarke - I expect to introduce the session with an overview talk

Francisco Valero/Bucholtz Radiation measurements

John Ogren et al. Dry% and Ambient% scattering profiles, f(RH), absorption

Sarah Doherty^lidar nephelometery

Antony Clarke/Steve Howell^size distributions, CN, physiochemistry (I will also summarize John Porter satellite data)

Olga Mayo-Bracero - TC/BC/OC mass concentrations, Ion concentrations, Maybe some organic speciation using GC/MS.

Jim Anderson - single particle morphology and chemistry

Jim Coakley^MCR data

Craig Walthers? (Heymsfield?)^C-130 lidar data

Bruce Gandrud^Wing particle probe data

Bill Collins^Model results for closure cases

>John Porter (not coming)^Satellite data and aerosol optical depth (poster)"




Detlef Müller, IfT Leipzig

The case March 25th in the Hulule data: optical and physical parameters

Dietrich Althausen, IfT Leipzig

Overview of the measurements of the multiwavelength aerosol lidar,

sunphotometer and radiosonde at Hulule during the Intensive Field Phase of


Glen R. Cass, Environmental Engineering Science

Size-Resolved Measurements of Particle Chemical Composition at KCO

Judd Welton

aerosol extinction coeff. and aerosol optical depth based on RABS data onboard the Ron Brown

Krishna Moorthy

Direct effects of aerosols over the Indian Ocean regions

Patricia Quinn, NOAA PMEL

1) platform/platform comparisons of nephelometer,

PSAP (or aethAlometer), sunphotometer, and chemical mass size distribution data, 2) comparing these data collected at the surface to vertically distributed data, and 3) changes in these properties with transport from the continent

Rajeev and Ramanathan, Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate

Regional scale aerosol radiative forcing over the INDOEX area based on satellite (CERES and AVHRR), surface (KCO)

and ship (Sagar Kanya) data

Satheesh and V.

Ramanathan, Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate

Aerosol Direct Forcing at the Surface and the

column over KCO: Observations and Model

Sergio A. Guazzotti

University of California, Riverside

single-particle results at KCO and on board of the RHB

Tim Bates, NOAA PMEL

Aerosol direct effect and pollution transport