Working Group 2: Aerosol Indirect Effect
Chairs: Michel Desbois,
Andy Heymsfield,

INDOEX Workshop, Utrecht, The Netherlands September 8-10, 1999

(Message from Andrew Heymsfield, August 5, 1999 includes link to Summary of INDOEX Cloud Flights (Non-Gradient))

Working Group's Schedule: 8 September Wednesday: 13:45-15:30 9 September Thursday: 08:30-10:15, 10:45-12:30, 13:45-15:30, 16:00-18:00
AGENDA INDIRECT EFFECTS WORKING GROUP Session 1, Wednesday 8 September, 13:45-15:30 13:45-14:00 (Heymsfield/Twohy) "Overview of Priority Cases" 14:10-14:25 V. Ramanathan ( "North-south and diurnal variations in low clouds and its properties from METEOSAT data analysis" 14:35-14:50 Geneviève Sèze and Hanna Pawlowska "Observation of cloud properties with METEOSAT-5 during INDOEX" 15:00-15:15 Glenn Shaw ( "CCN spectra from pre-INDOEX, INDOEX, and Alaska" 15:15-15:20 Tony Clarke's viewgraph "Aerosol Concentrations, Size-distributions and Volatility Above, Below and Near polluted clouds" 15:20-15:30 Jim Anderson ( "Single Particle Results--In and below cloud"
Session 2, Wednesday 8 September, 16:00-18:00 16:00-16:15 Cindy Twohy ( "Characteristics of Cloud Nucleating Aerosols in INDOEX" 16:25-16:40 Gandrud/Twohy "Discussion of Wing Probe Measurements from the C130" 16:50-17:05 Andy Heymsfield ( "Microphysics of INDOEX clean and polluted clouds" 17:15-17:35 Greg McFarquhar ( "Parameterizations from INDOEX microphysical measurements" 17:35-18:00 General Discussion
Session 3, Thursday 8 September, 08:30-10:15 08:30-08:45 Jacques PELON ( "The direct and indirect radiative effect of aerosols using the Mystere 20 measurements" 08:55-09:10 Jim Coakley ( 09:20-09:35 Andy Ackerman, "Dissipation of tradewind cumulus due to solar heating by soot". 09:50-10:00 G. Cautenet ( "Some aspects of the of atmospheric cycle of desert dust (radiation and chemistry): model studies and observations". 10:00-10:15: Discussion items
Session 4, Thursday 8 September, 10:45-12:30 Discussion Items Define primary and secondary topics Establish groups to address these topics further Links with other groups: aerosols and radiation balance, chemistry and transport.
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