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MIADHU, 27 Shawwal 1418, 24, February 1998 (Tuesday)

President Gayoom Inaugurates Kaashidhoo Climate Centre
New Climate Centre Important to the World

by Fathimath Azra

KAASHIDHU, 23 February - "President Gayoom inaugurated the Kaashidhoo Climate Observatory (KCO) this morning, declaring it an "important step" in upgrading the country's meteorological services."

"Speaking to an avid audience of scientists, senior government officials, and people of all ages from Kaashidhoo, President Gayoom said it is fitting and symbolic that the C4 (Centre for Clouds, Chemistry, and Climate) selected Maldives as one of their research stations in INDOEX (Indian Ocean Experiment)."


"President Gayoom expressed his belief that the field studies that would be carried out under the INDOEX would address a major information gap in the understanding of global warming. He said the information gathered, in addition to being of direct relevance to the Maldives and other coastal nations, would also provide the raw material to further refine the scientific models used to anticipate climate change."


"Professor Ramanathan whose 25 years of experience in the field was extolled by the Deputy Environment Minister Abdullahi Majeed in his introductory address at the inauguration ceremony, was optimistic about the Kaashidhoo Climate Observatory and the role that it would play in monitoring changes in the world climate. He said Kaashidhoo is a perfect location for such a project, being situated in the middle of the ocean and downwind to one of the most heavily populated regions of the world."

"President Gayoom, Professor Ramanathan, the Environment Minister and his Deputy were appreciative of the many environmental scientists, universities and national laboratories from the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, India and the Netherlands committed to the INDOEX."

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