Kaashidhoo Climate Observatory - K C O

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Station Information


Country: Republic of Maldives
Island of Kaashidhoo
Latitude: 4.96640° N
Longitude: 73.46566° E
Elevation: < 0.5 m
Time Zone: UT + 5 hours (no daylight savings time)
Established: December 1997

Observatory Address:
Kaashidhoo Climate Observatory
Observatory Magu NE
Kaashidhoo, Republic of Maldives
Phone & Fax: +960 44 01 75
Data link: +960 44 00 67
Email: KCObs@dhivehinet.net.mv (for mail to KCO maintenance personnel only, please use personal email to participants for individual requests or the site scientist for general requests)


The science program of KCO is being directed by V. Ramanathan, chief scientist of INDOEX.
Program manager for the US component is Hung Nguyen, C4.
Program manager for the Maldivian component is Dr. Abdullahi Majeed, MP, MHAHE.

At this point, on-site activity should be coordinated with the following contact:

Hung Nguyen, Site Manager
9500 Gilman Drive #0239
La Jolla, CA 92037-0239, USA
Phone: +1 858 534 1040
Fax: +1 858 534 4922
Email: hung@fiji.ucsd.edu

Maldives INDOEX Contact Person:

Mr. Mohamed Zuhair
Ministry of Home Affairs, Housing and Environment (MHAHE)
Huravee Building, 3rd floor
Ameer Ahmed Magu
Malé 20-05
Republic of Maldives
Phone: +960 33 17 24
Fax: +960 32 47 39
Email: indoex@environment.gov.mv (Mr. Zuhair)

Local Maintenance Personnel:

Mr. Asif Ali
Mr. Azim Abdulraheem
Phone & Fax: +960 44 01 75
Email: KCObs@dhivehinet.net.mv


Distance to Male (capital): ~75 km straight line
Air destination: MLE, Malé International Airport (located on Hulule island)
Sea destination: Port of Malé
Transfer from Malé/Hulule to KCO: by boat (1.5-8 hours depending on boat) or sea plane (20 minutes), see general info link below

Collaborating Institutions (long-term observations only)

The Center for Clouds, Chemistry & Climate at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California at San Diego is the main investigator for KCO, which was built as the main surface observatory for INDOEX, the Indian Ocean Experiment. After INDOEX, KCO will be maintained as a permanent climate observatory. The following institutions collaborate at KCO.
  • Center for Clouds, Chemistry & Climate
  • Ministry of Home Affairs, Housing and Environment(MHAHE)
  • University of Miami, RSMAS, CIMAS
  • University of Maryland, Dept. of Meteorology
  • NOAA/CMDL, Carbon Cycle Group
  • For other participants during the INDOEX Intensive Field Phase, see the participant listing.

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