More KCO Images

This is a photo of the almost finished observatory, you are looking south-east. The tower guard rail is at about 13.1 m height, 3 x 1.3 m area. The building was just freshly painted, so were the doors. Trace gas inlets are showing as two white spots in the NE corner, the aerosol inlets are the big, white pipes going down the tower.

The following is the view from the tower to the north-east showing the unshaded radiometric instruments, the MFRSR to the right (moved to the NW corner and connected since we took this photo) and the rain collector underneath and outside. The trace gas inlets are hidden behind one of the poles of the unshaded platform.

Next is a view to the north-west with the high volume impactor on the right, the other, white, aerosol inlet, the three-pronged wind sensor behind it and the NASA CIMEL in the foreground to the left.

The final view from the tower shows the sun tracker pointing into the sun with our shaded sensors.

The next image gives an impression of our current "construction site" look. The concrete bricks are lined up for the wall, which is a steel construction with a 3 foot wall and a 5 foot fence on top. The 2850 bricks were made one by one by hand with a couple of small molds, which are filled with coarse coral concrete. The main entrance to the site is seen on the bottom right.

Want to take a look inside? Here are four of them: the NE corner with the aerosol instruments and their two PCs.

The SE corner with the O3 and CO analyzers, the radiometric and met sensor data acquisition system, PC server #2 and a fellow named Satheesh.

The SW corner with the gas chromatograph and the main server, telephone and fax machine.

The west side window, table and book/toolchests, the clean air hood on the right corner, the main entrance to the left of the window and the door to the back room on the far right (that room is too untidy to show it now...).

Here's a shot towards sunset across some of our radiometers. The digital image can't really show how beautiful it is, it looked a lot more exciting when we took this shot.

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