Chapter 10

International Participation

Principal Investigators and Institutions

The PIs, the institutional affiliations, and the projects are listed in Table 15. Official signed letters of participation are attached as Appendix A1.



The Netherlands National Science Foundation has approved a proposal by Dr. J. Lelieveld for a Cesna Citation for chemical sampling of the troposphere.


Drs. D. Kley and P. Crutzen have submitted a proposal to the German Research Foundation for R/V Sonne.

Dr. A.P. Mitra has contacted the Indian Ocean Development Board for R/V Sagar Kanya. This board has already approved two pre-INDOEX cruises (one in January 1996 and the second in January 1997).


* ScaRaB on Meteor 3-7 or RESURS: R. Kandel et al.

* Polarization and Directionality of the Earth's Reflectances (POLDER) on Advanced Earth Observing System (ADEOS): Y. Fouquart, R. Kandel et al.

* TOVS on NOAA-K: N. Scott.

* INSAT: A.P. Mitra

The proposals for the above French satellite programs have been submitted to the French National Climate Research Programme, and the CNES (National Space Agency). A written request to the Indian Space Research organization has been sent by Dr. Mitra for INSAT data.

Constant Level Balloons

Drs. R. Sadourny and H. Ovarlez have submitted a proposal to the French National Climate Research Programme, and the CNES to launch a number of boundary layer, constant-volume drifting balloons.

Island Stations

* Malé and Réunion: H. Cachier

* Réunion: Baldy, Leveau, Mégie

* Mimicoy: A. Jayaraman, Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabad

The proposal for the Malé program has been submitted to the French National Climate Research Program, while Réunion has been in operation for other programs.


The proposed measurements are listed in Table 16. It should be noted that most of the participation is through their base funding. In instances, when a European instrument has to be installed in a US platform, minimal charges have been requested for installation. These charges have been included in the requested NSF funding.