Chapter 9

Project Management

INDOEX is an international program. Therefore, its management components must be internationally fully integrated. In contrast, the national (internal) management structures are left to the determination of the participating nations.

Proposed here is an international management structure that is based on past experience from numerous international field projects. The structure and especially the responsibilities change from the Planning Phase to the Field Phase. Table 14 describes the proposed project management scheme.

Planning Phase

An International Steering Committee (ISC) oversees the planning phase and represents the participating nations. The ISC has primary responsibility for the experiment design and for approving modifications such as augmentations or reductions of the project scope. It sets priorities for scientific, operational, and managerial issues.

Two co-chief scientists (one from the US and one from Europe) are responsible for the implementation of the ISC decisions. They are supported by a Science Advisory Team consisting of the lead PI's of the various subprograms. They will execute the program planning through a permanent program office, to be established at the C4 site and to be managed by an administrator and a full time Ph.D.

Field Phase

To provide the necessary continuity, the co-chief scientists will take on the role of Field Phase Leaders. They will have the advice of representatives of the ISC present at the field site.

Two teams will operate under the co-chief scientists: an Operations Support Team and a Field Science Team.

The Operations Support Team consists of three functions: operations direction, logistics support and forecasting. (Some of the responsibilities of these units are listed in Table 14).

The Field Science Team, consisting of the INDOEX PIs, is responsible for the scientific day-to-day decisions and for keeping score of the scientific objectives of the subprograms while the field phase progresses. It also conducts "Quick Look" data analysis for early scientific evaluation and for guidance in research decisions.

Table 14. INDOEX Project Management Structure