U.S. INDOEX Proposal

Indian Ocean Experiment

A Multi-Agency Proposal for a Field Experiment in the Indian Ocean.

V. Ramanathan1, J.A. Coakley2, A. Clarke3, W.D. Collins1, P.J. Crutzen1, R. Dickerson4,
D. Fahey5, B. Gandrud6, A. Heymsfield6, J.T. Kiehl6, T. Krishnamurti7, J. Kuettner6, D. Lubin1,
H. Maring8, J. Ogren9, J. Prospero8, P.J. Rasch6, D. Savoie8, G. Shaw10,
A. Tuck5, F.P.J. Valero1, E.L. Woodbridge1, G. Zhang1

Table of Contents

1) Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate, Scripps Institution of Oceanography, University of California, San Diego
2) Oregon State University
3) University of Hawaii
4) University of Maryland
5) NOAA - Aeronomy Laboratory
6) National Center for Atmospheric Research
7) Florida State University
8) University of Miami
9) NOAA - Climate Modeling & Diagnostic Laboratory
10) University of Alaska

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Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate
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Scripps Institution of Oceanography
University of California, San Diego

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