Table 4. Required Measurements: Dynamical Fields

Resolution or Levels Absolute Relative Accuracy
Parameter Vertical Horizontal Temporal Accuracy (Precision) Platform Objective
Analyzed winds, divergence and others 100 mb 100 km 2/day - ECMWF analysis * understand the role of synoptic dynamics in cloud properties
* turbulence/radiation interactions
Vertical velocity from profilers 0.5 km 100 m* 1 hour 0.5-1 m.s-1 - P-Radar (P-3) * interaction between radiative cooling and vertical velocity
* thin cirrus heating and vertical motions
Horizontal Winds 2 km 10 km

100 m*
- 1 m.s-1 1 m.s-1 sondes and dropsondes

island stations
* follow parcels in understanding cirrus and water-vapor measurements
* water budget
* for turbulence studies