Table 6b. NOAA WP-3D Aeronomy Laboratory Payload

Species Technique
O3 (2) NO/O3 chemiluminescence; UV absorption (upgraded TECO)
NO NO/O3 chemiluminescence
NO2 Photolytic conversion coupled to NO/O3 chemiluminescence
NOy Au catalytic conversion w/CO addition, NO/O3 chemiluminescence
NOy HNO3 denuder/NOy detection
VOC's (2) Cryo collection, in situ GC/FID; canister sampling (laboratory GC detection)
CO (2) VUV fluorescence; NDIR (upgraded TECO)
SO2 Pulsed UV fluorescence (upgraded TECO)
CO2 NDIR (upgraded LICOR) under development
Aerosols FSSP 100
Multi-wavelength Nephelometer
CN counter
Filter sampler
Peroxides (incl. H2O2) Scrub into solution, enzyme reaction and fluorimeter det.
PAN, PPN, MPAN Direct injection in situ GC/ECD
Alkyl Nitrates Cartridge adsorption (thermal desorption, lab GC/ECD)
CH2O (2) Tunable Diode Laser Absorption Spectrometry
Scrubbing into DNPH solution (lab HPLC analysis)
HNO3 Chemical Ionization MS under development
UV radiation TUVR Eppley radiometer
H2O (2) Frostpoint hygrometer, Lyman alpha
Meteorological parameters Standard instrumentation
Aircraft parameters Standard instrumentation (GPS and inertial)