Table 7a. Surface-based Measurements -- Continuous Protocol

Locations PIs Measurements/Instruments Notes
Malé Maring, Savoie, Prospero a. Aerosol Chemical Measurements: Bulk aerosol samples of:
nss-SO4=, MSA, NO3-, NH4+, Na+, nss-K+, mineral aerosols
Proposed for INDOEX
Malé Maring, Savoie, Prospero b. Aerosol Physical Properties: Proposed for INDOEX
* Aerosol scatter using nephelometers with automatically switched 1 µm and 10 µm impactors
* Total aerosol number concentration: CN counter
* Total aerosol absorption coefficient: ethelometers operating in the green spectral range
Malé Cachier, Masclet c. Weekly 24 hour sampling of BC/OC ratio. Rain collector for particulate/dissolved organic carbon on an event basis Ongoing Programs
Reunion Cachier, Leveau d. Black carbon from aethalometer Ongoing programs
Reunion Megie, Baldy e. Aerosol Lidar (0.53 µm laser), operating since 1993 Ongoing programs
Malé Shaw f. Aerosol Optical Depth (AOD): multiwavelength sun photometers Proposed for INDOEX
Malé Ramanathan, Woodbridge a. Total Downwelling Irradiance, Sky Irradiance, Direct Solar Irradiance, and AOD (by calculation) every minute: Filtered and unfiltered pyranometers, multi-filter Rotating Shadowband Radiometers (MFRSR) Proposed for INDOEX
Malé Valero b. Broadband Spectral Irradiance Proposed for INDOEX
Malé Lubin, Woodbridge c. Total Column Water Vapor Measurement with GPS: in collaboration with NOAA-GL to measure precipitable water vapor (PWV) using the GPS techniques in Bevis et al., 1992. Proposed for INDOEX
Reunion Tanre d. Direct solar irradiance and sky radiance: Automated Solar/Sky Radiometer (ASSR) manufactured by CIMEL (France.) Ongoing programs
Malé Holben, Kaufman (NASA-Goddard) e. same as d. Proposed for INDOEX (Malé)
Malé Dickerson, Doddridge a. Surface Ozone: Thermo Electron continuous ozone (UV absorption at 254 nm) instrument Proposed for INDOEX
Malé and Renunion Dickerson, Doddridge b. Surface CO: Thermo Electron Model 48S continuous CO Proposed for INDOEX
Reunion Megie, Baldy, Ancellet c. Surface Ozone: Continuous surface ozone, as part of an on going program Ongoing programs
Reunion Megie, Baldy, Ancellet d. Ozone Sondes: weekly launches, part of an ongoing program with several years of data. Rate of launch might be increased during INDOEX Ongoing programs
Reunion Megie, Baldy, Ancellet, Pommereau e. Column Ozone: a UV-vis spectrometer for stratospheric O3 and NO2 Ongoing programs
Reunion Megie, Baldy, Ancellet, Pommereau f. Ozone Lidar: Construction is being considered. Possibility: use Ancellet's O3 lidar which is currently on French research plane "ARAT" (Fokker), or the ARAT itself Ongoing programs
Malé Cachier, Bonsang g. Radon-222: A tracer for air parcels that had relatively recent contact with the continental boundary layer Ongoing programs
Malé, Reunion and/or Gan Gage (NOAA/ERL/AL) a. Doppler Wind Profiler: 915 Mhz profiler, horizontally and vertically plus precipitation measurements. Proposed for INDOEX
Malé and Renunion Shaw b. All-sky Camera (digitized): Mating of digital camera to a fish-eye lens with computer processing to obtain cloud cover estimates. Possibly use 2 systems to have stereo effect. Proposed for INDOEX