Table 8a. Instruments on the R/V Sonne - US Contribution

PI/Institution Measurement/Instrument Notes
Dickerson, UMD NO, NOx, NOy, Total nitrate O3 Chemiluminescence (CL); NO2 by photolytic conversion/CL; HNO3 Continuous, 1min to 1 hr averages
Carsey, NOAA/AOML by filtered NOy converters/CL
Dickerson, UMD CO, IR gas-filter correlation Continuous, 1min averages
Dickerson, UMD O3, UV absorption photometer Continuous, 1min averages
Dickerson, UMD UV radiation/j(NO2)
UV radiometer or chemical actinometer
Continuous, 1s to 1min averages
Dickerson, UMD Aerosol Optical Depth/H2O Column
Hand-held multiwavelength sun photometer, 425, 500, 790 nm, H2O band Discrete
Several times per day
Dickerson, UMD Size-Segregated Aerosol Chem
Size-segregated impactor, post-cruise lab analysis for : nss-SO4=, NO3-, NH4+, black carbon, MSA, sea-salt, and mineral aerosol
Continuous, 12-24 hr averages
Shaw, UAK Aerosol Scattering, Nephelometer, 550 nm Continuous, 1min averages
Shaw, UAK Aerosol Absorption , Aethelometer, optical attenuation Continuous, 1min averages
Dickerson, UMD Ozone, Water Vapor sondes
Carsey, NOAA/AOML Frostpoint hygrometers, and Vaisala sondes Discrete, 12 total
Oltmans, NOAA/CMDL (P, T, RH), O3
Lubin, SIO Longwave Radiance
FTIR, 4 cm-1 resolution
0.7 - 4 µm, zenith looking
Discrete, 10 min averages
Lubin, SIO Solar Irradiance , Eppley, BSI pyranometers, BB and spectral, UV-NIR Continuous, 10 s averages
NCAR Temperature and Wind profiles ISS, 915 MHz Doppler Wind Profiler, Radio Acoustic Sounding System. Provide GTS real-time data.
Continuous, 30 min averages