AMIP Atmospheric Models Intercomparision Project

AOML Atmospheric Oceanic Marine Laboratory (NOAA)

AVHRR Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer

C4 Center for Clouds, Chemistry and Climate

CEPEX Central Equatorial Pacific Experiment

CMDL Climate Modeling and Diagnostics Laboratory (NOAA)

DMS dimethylsulfide

DMSP Defense Meteorological Satellite Program

ECMWF European Centre for Medium Range Weather Forecast

ERBE Earth Radiation Budget Experiment

FIRE First ISCCP Regional Experiment

FSU Florida State University

GAME GEWEX-Asian Monsoon Experiment

GCM general circulation model

GEWEX Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment

ICE International Cirrus Experiment

INDOEX Indian Ocean Experiment

INSAT India's geostationary meteorological satellite

IPCC Intergovernment Panel on Climate Change

IR Infra-red

ISCCP International Satellite Cloud and Climatology Project

ITCZ intertropical convergence zone

JGOFS Joint Global Ocean Flux Study

LMD Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique (France)

MPI Max-Planck-Institute (Germany)

NCAR National Center for Atmospheric Research

NE north-east (moonsoon)

NOAA National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

SCARAB Scanner for Earth Radiation Budget

SIO Scripps Institution of Oceanography

SST sea-surface temperature

SW south-west (monsoon)

TRMM Tropical Rainfall Measuring Mission

WOCE World Ocean Circulation Experiment