Pr. Investigator Institution Proposed Projects and Measurements Base Funding*

A. German and Dutch Team
P.J. Crutzen Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry Availability of a German ship Requires funding
D. Kley Forschungszentrum, Juelich Measurements supporting: Yes
F. Arnold Max-Planck Institute for Nuclear Physics -chemical transformation and removal of pollutants
H. Fischer Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry -convective redistribution of trace species in the ITCZ
-microphysical and radiative properties of clouds
Shipborned sondes for water vapor and ozone profiles Yes
M. Andreae Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry fast DMS by API/MS, SO2 by HPLC, carbonaceous
aerosols, size distribution 0.1-3µm, CPC > 10nm, CCN,
soluble ions
J. Heintzenberg Institute for Tropospheric Research multiwavelength Lidar + radio sonde for island station, solar
and stellar photometers, airborne CVI
J. Lelieveld Air Quality, Wageningen University Fully instrumented (STREAM payload) Dutch low level Requires Funding
H. Kelder Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute aircraft (Citation II)
3-D chemistry-transport modeling, AVHRR convection Yes
retrieval, ECMWF forecast, meteorological support (KNMI)

B. French Team
R. Sadourny Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique du Low-level flow tracking by constant volume balloons Funding has been requested
R. Kandel CNRS Use of SCARAB and POLDER data Yes (for all others)
M. Desbois Characterization of deep convective systems
N. Scott 3D satellite analysis of atmospheric/surface fields
H. Le Treut Satellite analysis of horizontal transport processes
Global modeling with aerosol-cloud effects and zooming on
the Indian Ocean area
Stratospheric sampling by InfraRed Montgolfières

C. Indian Team
A. P. Mitra National Physical Laboratory Research vessels from National Institution of Oceanography Requires funding
National Remote Sensing Agency Multi-wavelength radiometer and aerosol, Lidars, Yes
National Institute of Oceanography monostatic and Doppler sodars, surface observations
National Centre for Med. Range Forecast Use of INSAT data Yes

*NOTE: Base funding includes funds available through normal allocations for institutional operations, or from internal sources. For all other items participation is contingent upon availability of new funding.