Figure 1

Figure 1. Time series showing strong correlation between CO (ppbv) CO2 (ppmv - 385 ppmv) and bulk aerosols including ammonium, non-sea-salt (NSS) sulfate and nitrate (llg m-3) for the cruise . CO and CO2 data have been averaged into 1 hour periods, while aerosol data represents samples typically collected over 12 hour periods. Increased CO and aerosols during Julian Days (J.K.) 91.5-94.3 coincides with close passage to Madagascar, and the islands of Reunion and Maritius. Prior to J.K. 92 the ship was in the SHmX regime and after J.K. 93 the SHmE was entered. The sharp increase at J.D. 107.0 is the transition from NHmE to NHcT air mass. The AOT markers on the x axis indicate when aerosol optical thickness determinations cited in Table 3 were collected.