JOSS INDOEX Information

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IFP personnel travelling to KCO

Table: IFP personnel travelling to KCO

Images of KCO

Here are some aerial pictures of the island and observatory as well as some images of the inside and tower views (2nd page).

KCO setup plans

Please note that the date description on all figures is supposed to be "January 1999" and not "December 1998". All Figures were updated on 14. January 1999.
KCO premises: the outside surrounding of the lab.
KCO layout plan of main observatory (both rooms)
KCO roof layout
KCO sounding Lab layout
KCO pump shelter (only tentative plan)
KCO available overhead shelves (most of them are also included in the main lab layout as transparent, brown rectangles along the walls.)
KCO electrical layout

Table: Outlet assignment for each instrument
Refer to the above electrical layout plan to locate your instrument outlets.
This table is also available in Excel format for better viewing / printing capabilities.

C4 - 14 January, 1999